You’ve made it to the first step in understanding hoarding . . . you’ve found this site!  And you are one step closer to getting better.  Hoarding is more common that you think.  Hoarding is a hidden, shameful, medical problem and the sooner we talk about it openly, the sooner we can help ourselves get better.

I believe you’ll never find a more GENUINE, comprehensive site dedicated to helping you battle your hoarding woes.
If you’ve tried everything and can’t seem to get your life in order, you’ll find some useful self-help strategies that I’ve personally used to help me during my own struggles with hoarding.
I’m not a doctor, but I believe that’s what makes this site so special. Not to discredit or disregard physicians, but a lot of hoarding websites are written by people who have never experienced it.
Or they’re created by companies who want to sell you some kind of medication.
Do a Google search for “hoarding” and you’re bombarded with ads for overpriced medication and the same information over and over again. These sites are interested in one thing……Making a profit from you!

That’s Where WhatIsHoarding.com is Different!

It is authored by someone who understands a lot of what you’re going through. I’ve battled it myself! So, I’m not here to recommend some prescription meds and just send you on your way because I believe many people can cure hoarding without them.

You are NOT alone!

The first thing I want you to realize is, you are NOT alone. When you are a hoarder, you often feel like you’re in a world by yourself and no one is worse off than you and it will just never get better.
You may think you’re the only person with your particular problem and no one would understand. (Trust me I’ve been there! Hoarding is very isolating and can make you feel awful.)
The good news for you is no matter what caused the hoarding or how bad you feel, there are millions of people who have conquered their hoarding and they were in a much worse situation than YOU!
I don’t say that to belittle what you’re going through because I can only imagine how painful it is. I say that to ENCOURAGE you and to let you know that I believe you can beat this demon that has been taking over your life.

Do Not Give Up

If you believe that you are beyond help, this site will cause you to think otherwise. Many of you will learn that your hoarding can be managed and there is hope.  We’re all individuals and our hoarding stems from different sources (abuse, negative thinking, low self esteem, etc.)

I promise you that I am open to your comments, open to your pain, open to your suffering, because I have been there.  No more shame.  We are in this together.

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